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Hyrwyddo iaith, llenyddiaeth, celfyddydau a gwyddoniaeth Cymru

Y Trafodion

cartref > Transactions > Volume 29 - 2023 > THE FORGOTTEN QUEEN OF ROMANCE


The minibus rattled along the narrow country roads of Ceredigion. We were on a literary tour; a talk and tour, to be precise, of the Ceredigion-born author and enfant terrible of Welsh writing in English, Caradoc Evans. On our return, we stopped at the hamlet of New Cross, some five miles south of Aberystwyth, where Caradoc had lived during World War Two. Our guide – Caradoc’s biographer, John Harris – led us into the graveyard of what was once Horeb chapel and, pausing only to take in the majestic view of Pumlumon across the valley, we followed him up the muddy bank, past rows of lichen-smeared gravestones.

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