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Elinor Talfan Delaney

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Elinor Talfan Delaney

Elinor was born in Barry and educated in Swansea and Cardiff. She came to London in 1964 to train as a SRN at University College Hospital. Before retirement in 2006, she served as Matron at St. Paul’s Cathedral and as a Practice Nurse in the City of London.

She is a founder member and lecturer on surgical nursing and post-operative pain control of the Association of Welsh Nurses and Midwives. She is a Trustee of the Welsh School, London having served forty years in various offices associated with the school, including fifteen years as Chairman of Governors. Elinor is the founder of the Welsh Playgroup, London. She also holds office as a Wandsman at St Paul’s Cathedral and as Churchwarden of St.Jude-on-the-hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb. Elinor is also a member of the Welsh Gorsedd of Bards.