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A Welsh Lawyer in Six Reigns: Robert Price (1655–1733)

Robert Price lived through six reigns and the most turbulent period in our history. When he was born, the country was still a republic following the Civil War; it witnessed a monarchical restoration in 1660, followed by a revolution in 1688, and a change of dynasty in 1714. Wales saw the abolition of the Court and Council in the Marches in 1689, thus drawing Wales ever closer to England, though its legal separateness was preserved in the form of the Court of Great Session down to 1830. It was consequently a period of constant change which required adjustment on the part of most people, none more so than lawyers, because of the close relationship between the law and government. For a lawyer to be able to practise his profession it became necessary to assume the mantle of the Vicar of Bray (who famously claimed he would retain his ecclesiastical office no matter which king was on the throne) or else face proscription.


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