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The Welsh Nation and the United Kingdom

Approximately two years ago, to my surprise, I was invited to deliver this lecture.1 I agreed, D.V., requesting indulgence to reconsider the request from time to time. I have little experience in lecturing. I earned my living as a politician and as a lawyer, taking part in debates at Westminster and in the courts in the south-east of England. Trying to ride two horses at the same time!

Soon after I was elected a Member of Parliament in 1959, I went to address the Swansea University Students Labour Club. There listening to me was a schoolboy from the sixth form. I had such an influence on him that, after the meeting, that lad went off like a shot and joined the Conservative party. His name was Brian Grif ths, who rose to become one of Margaret Thatcher’s chief advisors, and in the fullness of time he was elevated to become Lord Griffiths of Fforest-fach. Perhaps it’s just as well I haven’t done much lecturing. Keeping quiet is perhaps better!


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