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E. T. John, a native of Pontypridd, spent more than thirty years
pursuing a career as a Middlesbrough ironmaster before having
a second career as the Liberal MP for the Denbighshire East
constituency from December 1910 until 1918 and introducing an
abortive measure, the Government of Wales Bill, in the House of
Commons in March 1914. Having rather dramatically defected
to the Labour Party at the end of the war and facing defeat in his
constituency, John stood as his new party’s parliamentary candidate
for the Brecon and Radnor division in the general elections of 1922
and 1924 and in the Anglesey by-election of April 1923. Although
defeated on all three occasions, his powerful campaigns in the
counties, which embodied a new kind of nationalistic Welsh Labour
politics, made a considerable impact locally. The main purpose of
this article is to examine and elucidate the two election campaigns at
Brecon and Radnor and their significance.


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