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Rhian Medi Roberts

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Rhian Medi RobertsRhian Medi Roberts grew up in Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, Ynys Môn, and moved to London in 1993 to work in Parliament. Today Rhian manages the office for all the current Plaid Cymru Members and Peers. Rhian comes from a performing and Eisteddfodic background, and has won several of the major recitation prizes, including the Blue Ribbon, the esteemed Gwobr Goffa Llwyd o’r Bryn, in 1999. She was subsequently made an Ovate member of the Gorsedd of the Bards. In 2010, she was elevated to the White Robes, following her successful campaign to commemorate with a plaque the first Gorsedd ever formed by Iolo Morganwg on the summit of Primrose Hill in 1792. Rhian seeks to promote Wales whenever she can, and was involved in erecting the memorial to Catrin Glyndŵr and her daughters in St Swithins, Canon Street. She was engaged in promoting the Welsh Dairies in London and also raising the profile of MP and Peace Campaigner, Henry Richard. Rhian has created a unique and intriguing Welsh Trail, which pursues the history of the Welsh in London, and has embarked on a business partnership with a company in North Wales to promote and provide historical commentary to the tours. She regularly appears on Welsh television and radio. She has hosted several workshops in Eastern Europe, encouraging female participation in politics. She represents Plaid on the UK Electoral Commission board, and regularly organises events in the House of Commons, which have become major events in the Parliamentary calendar.