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Peter Lord and Rhian Davies Independent visual art and music scholars Peter Lord and Rhian Davies will talk on their newly published joint work The Art of Music: Branding the Nation, published by Parthian Books. The authors’ outstanding contribution to Welsh scholarship in their respective fields of art and music is well-recognised. Hear them together […]


The Medical Society of London 11 Chandos Street, London

A Welsh Parliament has been able to make laws again since the Wales Act 2017. How does this work within the framework of a single England and Wales legal jurisdiction? David Lloyd-Jones, Justice of the Supreme Court, explains at the society’s next meeting. Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, former Lord Chief Justice and vice president of […]


The Medical Society of London 11 Chandos Street, London

Wales is dotted with fine country houses, many still in active occupation, others not, and far too many just a memory after demolition in the early 20th century. Bur how much do we know about these sometimes splendid properties and their surrounding estates, and, just as importantly, the role they played in Welsh community life […]


The Medical Society of London 11 Chandos Street, London

Dr Lucy Taylor Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University Admired in Wales for irrigation and peaceable relations with indigenous neighbours, the 156 pioneers who crossed perilous seas to establish Y Wladfa struggled to resist assimilation by an Argentine state keen on building a coherent nation. This talk will chart these tensions, including appeals for help […]

Dylan Thomas ac W. D. Davies: Barddoniaeth a Diwinyddiaeth wedi’r Holocost

Cymdeithasau 1, Maes yr Eisteddfod, Tregaron.

Bydd darlith Daniel G Williams, ‘Dylan Thomas ac W. D. Davies: Barddoniaeth a Diwinyddiaeth wedi’r Holocost’, yn archwilio ymateb dau Gymro i’r holocost. Pontio Cristnogaeth ac Iddewiaeth fu ymdrech W. D. Davies a dyna, awgryma’r ddralith, un o briodweddau cerddi Dylan hefyd. Deillia’r ddadl o’r ffaith i’r ddau gwrdd yn 1953. Theologian W. D. Davies, […]

O Gymru i’r Eidal: taith gelfyddydol

The Medical Society of London 11 Chandos Street, London

Awn ar drywydd rhai o’r artistiaid o Gymru a ddenwyd i’r Eidal rhwng y 18fed a dechrau’r 20fed ganrif, boed i hybu eu haddysg, i chwilio am gyfleon gwaith, i bortreadu mannau enwog, neu i drwytho eu hunain yn swyn gwlad a ddisgrifiwydgan yr artist Thomas Jones fel ‘Magick Land’. Byddwch cystal â nodi newid […]

Rediscovering Marguerite Jervis – the Queen of Romance

One of the best-selling novelists of her time, Marguerite Jervis (1886-1964) lies in an unmarked grave near her beloved adopted hometown of Aberystwyth. Author, journalist, actor, theatre, she worked with Hitchcock and other greats. So why is she forgotten today? Speaker: Dr Liz Jones University of Aberystwyth Professor Prys Morgan, President of the Society in […]

Stonehenge and its Welsh origins

The Medical Society of London 11 Chandos Street, London

One of Stonehenge’s great mysteries is its link with the source of the famous bluestones from the Preseli hills of North Pembrokeshire 180 miles away. Recent research has identified megalith quarries and Neolithic monuments which throw new light on this fascinating subject. Speaker: Professor Mike Parker Pearson Professor of British Later Prehistory, Institute of Archaeology, […]

‘Far More Things Forbidden’ – Women in Medieval Wales

The Medical Society of London 11 Chandos Street, London

Women were not treated as equal to men in the middle ages, and were limited in many ways. This lecture will consider the evidence of the Welsh laws and the status of roles of women in medieval Wales. While women had few rights, the lecture will consider what women could do, and how the laws […]


The Medical Society of London 11 Chandos Street, London

The June Gruffydd Memorial Lecture A fascinating figure in the history of Wales and of the harp, Edward Jones from Llandderfel, was a notable harpist, antiquarian and collector of Welsh music and poetry. His "Relicks of the Welsh Bards", published in 1794, includes an important collection of Welsh poetry, harp and folk music. In association […]

Welsh Saints in Stained Glass by Celtic Studios – ONLINE ONLY

Martin Crampin takes us on a journey around churches in Wales, introducing the imaging of Welsh saints by the Swansea stained glass firm, Celtic Studios. Speaker: Dr Martin Crampin University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh & Celtic Studies Dr Elizabeth Siberry OBE, Member of Council in the chair

Marion Eames – Novelist of the Welsh diaspora

The Medical Society of London 11 Chandos Street, London

To celebrate the centenary of her birth, Simon Brooks will discuss the Birkenhead-born Welsh-language novelist, Marion Eames. Central to her work are religious and ethnic tolerance, often within the Welsh diaspora where ethnic identity is both ambiguous and under threat. Speaker: Dr Simon Brooks Associate Professor, Swansea University Rhian Medi Bishop, Member of Council in […]

Nations, Class and Values: Nationalisms in Welsh Politics

The Medical Society of London 11 Chandos Street, London

How different configurations of national identity, class and values underpin different nationalisms in Wales, and how these nationalisms shape contemporary Welsh politics. Speaker: Professor Richard Wyn Jones Director, Wales Governance Centre, Cardiff University Ceridwen Roberts OBE, Chair of Council in the chair


The Medical Society of London 11 Chandos Street, London

As the first and only Future Generations Commissioner, Sophie Howe will discuss the pressing issues facing the world. Sophie will lay out how we must use a future generations lens for decision making to ensure the decisions we make today meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet […]

Cyfarthfa – From Green to Black to Green again

The Medical Society of London 11 Chandos Street, London

Geraint Talfan sets out the ambitious plan for Cyfarthfa Castle and Park in Merthyr Tydfil and says it must involve a dialogue between our past and our future. Speaker: Geraint Talfan Davies OBE Chair, Cyfarthfa Foundation Robert John, Member of Council in the chair  

Sex, Power, Marriage: Katheryn of Berain and her four husbands

The video below will become available from 4pm today Katheryn of Berain was married four times. Why did she marry – whom did she marry – and how did she become known as the ‘Mother of Wales’? Dr Helen Williams-Ellis 2021 Eisteddfod Lecture Any time from 16.00 on Monday 2 August 2021 go to the […]

O.M. Edwards a Chymreictod Ysgolion Cymru

Ymgais sydd yn y ddarlith hon i ddeall cyd-destun Cymreictod ysgolion Cymru yn y bedwaredd ganrif ar bymtheg cyn y daeth O. M. Edwards yn brif arolygydd addysg yn 1907 ac i bwyso a mesur ei ddylanwad wrth iddo geisio Cymreigio’r gyfundrefn addysg. Cyflwynodd Edwards, ynghyd ag Alfred T. Davies, ysgrifennydd parhaol yr Adran Gymreig […]

‘The Dragon and The Crescent’. Nine centuries of Welsh encounters with Islam

All are welcome to join this talk, which will be live and with questions. Wales and Islam: contact, coexistence and conflict in nine centuries of literature. Award-winning poet and critic Dr Grahame Davies shows the full and surprising story of the Welsh relationship with Islam. Speaker: Dr Grahame Davies, poet, librettist and cultural historian, Governor of Goodenough […]

Ben Bowen Thomas, Wales, and UNESCO

All are welcome to join this talk, which will be live and with questions. Ben Bowen Thomas was one of the most influential Welsh adult educators and civil servants of the twentieth century. He was very well-known among those who, like himself, were prominent civil servants but perhaps less well known to the Welsh public […]