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Wednesday 27 March, 2019

Coincidentally and totally independently, some Council members were invited to attend a reception at the Reform Club at the end of February 2019 that took the form of a recital and presentation on behalf of The Aloud Charity. The recital was by about 30 members of the Aloud Academy of Only Boys Aloud who were about to leave as they had reached the age limit for the group. (They sang the following day in the House of Commons to mark St David’s Day and received a mention in Hansard courtesy of the Welsh Secretary.)

As you might expect the performance by the choir was stunning and transformed the atmosphere in the library of the Reform Club.

The Aloud Charity’s chief executive, Rachel Dominy, spoke eloquently and passionately about its work, emphasising that its main purpose was to get boys and young men (soon to include girls) to aspire to be excellent at whatever they aim for and to use singing as a way of instilling self-confidence and a sense of being part of a team. One of the trustees also spoke; about how he had benefited from being a member of the choir. He now holds a senior post at a multinational technology company – something he puts down to what he learned from being a member of the Aloud community.

The aspirational aspect of the work of the Charity seeks to transform the thinking of young people so that “adequate” is no longer thought to be enough and that they should set their sights high. “Far Horizons” may be thought to be distant but they are not unachievable and that it is worth the effort to go for them.

The Aloud Charity aims to inspire the lucky few that make it into its ranks.

The Aloud Charity provides motivational as well as musical training and many go into more formal musical education (and some now attend The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama). The charity funds 25 choirs across Wales which it does to the tune of (sorry for the pun!) £600,000 a year – all generated privately as they have no Government support.

The evening so impressed the Council Members who attended that we thought the Cymmrodorion should make a donation to The Aloud Charity, which lies within the charitable objectives of the Society.

If you wish to know more about The Aloud Charity, please go to